Penton I vs Stockbridge I

Penton I 109 – all out

T Smith 10-4-11-4

Stockbridge I 124 – all out

K Charles 4-33

Stockbridge won by 15 runs

Stockbridge’s opening batsmen Jonty Cooke (38) and Davon Malley (8) quickly put runs on the board. Morgan Vanandal bowled Malley in the seventh over to stall Stockbridge’s progress, but Aaron Burton (30) quickly kept the momentum going. Martin Patrick’s bowling halted the rapidly increasing scoreboard, with catches by Kerry Charles and Richard Jenson, and the score was up to 85 for 3. The remaining Stockbridge batsmen were slowly increasing the score, but with Charles taking 4 wickets and Barry Kavanagh taking two well timed catches the innings ended on 124 all out after 32 overs.

Richard Jenson (25) and John Hunter (21) were determined to keep pushing the score along, but when Jenson was bowled by Malley in the fourth over, wickets started to fall quickly. Hunter was keeping his nerve, but when he was caught by Ian Smith off Tom Smith’s bowling the scoreboard had only reached 65 for 5.

Kerry Charles (33 not out) stayed at the crease to keep Penton’s hopes alive, but Stockbridge bowled Penton out for 109 in the 33rd over to finish the game in Stockbridge’s favour.

Report by – Bob Wootten

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