Penton I vs Winterslow I

Penton I 201 – 9

John Hunter 60; Bevon Joseph 94. Partnership 157

Winterslow I 202 – 6

Winterslow won by 4 wickets

Penton opened the batting on a glorious sunny day, but Winterslow got the upper hand when Richard Jenson was out for 1 in the second over of the game, straight bowled by Sean Hartley. Bevon Joseph joined John Hunter at the crease and the pair steadily dispatched Winterslow’s bowling with quick runs and boundary shots. Joseph was eventually out in the 30th over for 94, caught off Rick Dawson’s bowling, with a season best partnership of 157 with Hunter. Morgan Vanandel was bowled for a golden duck by Dawson, but Corbett Joseph was able to keep the score moving with a quick 17 before Sam Waters took his wicket. With the score on 191 for 5 off 35 overs the prospect of the scoreboard reaching 230 or more seemed possible, but Winterslow kept taking catches and wickets, including Hunter out for 60 off Waters bowling. The final over of the innings saw last men Barry and Liam Kavanagh on 199, and the greatest roar from the players this season was heard when Barry hit a two off the penultimate ball to take the score over 200 and give Penton maximum batting points.

With a total of 201 to chase the Winterslow batsmen Harry Diaper and Rob Allen cautiously kept the scoreboard moving, but Kavanagh and Vanandel took their wickets in the 9th & 10th overs with the score on 31. Pete Pearce and Ian Stevens then started to push the score along at the required run rate and it took a fine catch from Mark Hodgson, off Bevon Joseph’s bowling, to pause the score at 106 off 24 overs. James Key joined Sevens and the run rate was increased to keep the pressure on Penton’s bowlers and fielders. Stevens was caught by Joseph off Hunter’s bowling for 36, and 6th man Sam Waters hit a quick 16 before Vanandel bowled him, but Key took the total past 201 in the 39th over to give Winterslow the win and took his score to a deserved 53 not out.

Report by Bob Wootten

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