Penton v Redlynch & Hale II

Penton jumped up to 7th in the Regional Division 1 North West league after a 4 wicket win over Redlynch.

James Dorrington and Ewan Tanner opened the batting for Redlynch and they both managed to find the boundary, including an early 6 from Dorrington, but Kerry Charles’s bowling halted their progress with the score on 37 for 2. Redlynch were kept in check by the quick reactions of wicket keeper Huw Rouse and by the return of form to Martin Patrick, who took five wickets. Jack Coburn persisted at the wicket and kept the score moving, but he was finally caught behind by Rouse on 48 off Corbett Joseph’s bowling. Redlynch were all out shortly after this, with a total of 142 in 37.1 overs.

Corbett Joseph started to easily find the boundary, but on only 16 he lobbed an easy catch and was sent walking back to the pavillion. John Hunter was then joined by Huw Rouse and the pair began to slowly raise the score off the tight bowling of Jack Sobeucinski band Stan Boardman. Hunter reached 26 and Rouse reached 35 when they were both caught in the 23rd & 24th overs. Steve Patrick, Jack Moodie and Kevin Thorne made quick appearances at the crease, but it took the steadying of Kerry Charles and Martin Patrick to take the score past Redlynch’s total. Charles ended on 44 not out, with Penton on 145 for 6 off 33.5 overs.

Report by David (Stomper) Howard